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Using Electronic Security for more than security…

Working with Nurseries and Schools on a daily basis means I learn a lot about their day to day activities and it strikes me that the huge investments made in to Electronic Security systems seems to be out of necessity rather than looking at how it can actually help.

OK so, CCTV offers security through recording the goings on for around 30 days (on average). For major incidents (hopefully never) you will go to the camera for evidence, GREAT HELP yes? So what about minor incidents?

Have you thought about using it for training purposes? Some have and do so successfully. In fact they wouldn’t be without it and security has now become it’s secondary function.

That being said, do you know how to use your system? Many have Camera’s, DVR’s and Monitors installed and they just sit on a desk doing nothing and when the time comes to actually go back and find things they haven’t a clue how to. If this is you then we can help. We offer FREE support, use us – we’ll come and have a look at what you’ve got and give you some tips on how to use it, even if you didn’t buy it from us.

Access Control – is your access linked to software? If so you should be using it to monitor staff time and attendance, parents too – late fees anyone?

All of these points will help you get back some of the multiple hundreds/thousands you’ve spent. Why leave something so expensive just sat there?

For more hints and tips on how to make your security technology work for you call 0161 276 0027 or email andy@earlyyearssecurity.co.uk

If you don’t have any of the above technology but are interested in having a demonstration of it please mention it in your call or email and we can arrange for a FREE live presentation.

Kind regards,

Andy Braisdell
Commsec Early Years