Early Years Security - Compliance, Credibility and Peace of Mind for Nurseries Serious About Safety and Security

You protection wouldn’t be complete without close and careful attention to the risks posed by fire at your nursery.

Lingering doubts? Blind spots? Questions of compliance? Where’s the comfort, the credibility and the commitment to your staff, pupils and parents without total confidence in your fire protection system?

As part of an inclusive security and safety package or as a standalone fire protection solution, we’ll give you the peace of mind you need.

Here’s how we’ll protect you:

Fire Risk Assessment

It’s your responsibility to organise a fire risk assessment for your premises. That doesn’t mean that you have to do the actual assessment yourself. We can do it for you. We’ll issue an easy to understand document detailing any compliance issues and what needs to be done to resolve them.

Fire Extinguisher Supply and Maintenance

You need to be proof positive that in the event of a fire the extinguisher you use will work. It’s vital that all fire extinguishers are serviced to current British standards (BS5306). We’ll quickly assess any extinguisher maintenance issues and detail regular maintenance schedule.

Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenance

Nothing less than total faith in your fire alarm system will do. Not just the alarm system itself but but also emergency lighting, Use us to test and service your complete system to British standards (BS5389 part 1: 2002 – fire alarm systems).

Emergency Lighting Installation and Maintenance

We can install new emergency lighting or test your existing system. Either way you can be assured that should trouble comes calling your emergency routes and exits will be properly lit.

Fire Training

Knowing exactly what to do in an emergency is crucial. Especially when children are involved. As well as your statutory responsibility to ensure that all staff receive adequate fire safety training it’s important that you also share the advice with your pupils.

Specialists in nursery fire training we’re perfectly placed to deliver a complete range of guidance to both staff and children.

All the Fire training you need; all in one place:

Fire extinguisher training

Fire awareness training

Marshal and fire warden training

Pupil advice and guidance

To discuss your fire protection or to arrange a FREE, confidential, fire protection assessment – call today on 0161 273 8835