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The Evolution of CCTV Systems for Nurseries

But we won’t only talk to you about traditional CCTV systems. The systems that allow us to remotely scan you car parks, corridors and playgrounds for vandalism or criminal activity. These days nursery cameras can be used to keep a close eye on exactly what’s happening in the classrooms too.

The benefits are many:


CCTV is the cornerstone of your credibility, is a statement of intent. It tells parents, staff and those that might want to do you harm that you’re absolutely serious about safety and security. When welfare is your main concern what could offer more credibility or show a stronger commitment to safety than CCTV? And of course – the better your credibility, the better your enrolments.

Avoid False Accusations

Quick and irrefutable answers to questions of conduct are essential. The last thing any nursery needs is the spectre of unproven allegations. Simple doubt can be enough to inflict the severest of damage to a reputation. Use CCTV to resolve conduct issues swiftly and conclusively.

Quality Assurance

Continual improvement demands continual evaluation. CCTV offers the perfect platform on which measure, manage and deliver procedurally consistent and continually improving performance. A great teacher training tool.

OFSTED Alignment

When OFSTED pose questions of security, use CCTV system to answer them.

Parental Peace of Mind

Giving busy parents the ability to securely log into a CCTV feed of their child’s nursery class is a new and increasingly popular concept. Especially amongst more successful nurseries. More than just providing peace of mind, parents feel ‘closer’ to their children, can observe their behaviour, their play and learning and in the event of question marks over staff to pupil ratios or the treatment of their child can have those questions answered quickly and clearly.

The increasing popularity of remote access login to classroom webcams is ushering in a new era of CCTV. How effectively, how profitably do you use it?

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