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Access Control is a three way street. A three way street that you need to own using effective door entry systems into your school, out of your school and within your school.

From key-fobs, access cards and biometric controls we’ll ensure you have the access control that you need.

Measure, manage and control access on your premises – on your terms.

Access In

On one hand you need to be sure that your premises are protected from unauthorised visitors. From an unknown adult wandering the corridors to a night time break-in, nothing less than total access control will suffice. It’s your school. You choose who is admitted and when.

Access Out

The last thing any pre-school or early years nursery needs is a child making their own way off premises. We’ve seen the newspaper stories; heaven forbid it should ever happen at your school. Unbelievably distressing for parents and staff – potentially ruinous to your school’s reputation. That’s why our systems are specially designed to prevent children leaving your premises.

Access Within

Know who is where on your premises – record employees’ working hours, control and record pupil and visitor movements. Access controlled on a need to access basis.

Don’t Take Chances – Take Control

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More Than Just Access Control

By working with Early Years Security you’ll benefit from much more than just access control. We can help you with a host of logging, tracking and management insights too, plus Fire Protection, CCTV security and Alarm Systems.