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Biometric Finger Print Access Review


Our Biometric Finger Print Reader is quite simply one of the best and most reliable pieces of equipment we have ever installed.

Since we began our relationship with the Virdi range we have gone from strength to strength. Having installed the AC5000SC in a number of Nurseries the feedback has been tremendous, in a number of settings it has been a completely alien concept so there has been a slight learning curve but the system is so user friendly that we barely even have any teething problems to overcome.

We have installed it in to nurseries that have never had or heard of biometrics before, equally we have installed it as a replacement to existing older biometric technology and the feedback has been 100% positive from all of our customers.

Here are the facts:

Able to add over 20,000 individual user prints
Irrefutable information as each person has individual access
Accurate time logs of attendance of both staff and parents (if used for parents – some don’t)
Patented anti-fraudulent print technology
IP65 tested to work in all weather conditions

It is simply the highest level of access control available on the market.

The feedback from our nurseries has been great. Not only has it delivered the best possible security, it has solved time and attendance problems (which has in turn delivered additional revenue from money saved on over/under paying of staff and parents) and the best feedback I’ve heard so far has been that parents love it and have chosen the nursery because of it.

I’d say that’s job done on our part.

We offer a free non-obligatory demonstration of the reader so please contact us if you’d like to book yours.


Andy Braisdell
0161 276 0027